Byron vibes

For decades, Byron has been home to artists, creatives and wandering travelers from around the world. The pristine beaches, boutique shopping and relaxed lifestyle are a big draw card to this seaside destination.

It’s hard to pin point exactly what the charm of Byron Bay is. On entering the town you are greeted with the iconic sign ‘Welcome to Byron Bay…Cheer up, slow down, chill out’, and a short walk around the town is all you need to discover that the people in Byron well and truly live by this motto.

Discovering Byron – Shops such as ‘Spell and the Gypsy’ and ‘Unplugged’ were all founded in Byron and represent an unmatched level of quality and design. The street corners host an array of talented musicians, showcasing their skills to keen onlookers.

Need your fix of live music, cold beer, cocktails and people watching?  Head on over to ‘The Beach Hotel’ or more fondly known as ‘The Beachie’.  Stationed directly opposite the beach this venues offers stunning views of Julian Rocks and the big blue ocean!

If you are a morning person why not take a walk up to the lighthouse, where you can stand at the Eastern most tip of Australia and take in the breathtaking views. If you are visiting from June to October you also have the chance to spot whales and dolphins as they migrate up and down the coast, with local tour guides offer morning sea kayaking if you’re feeling extra adventourous!

Campervans that connect….

The overwhelming positive feedback from our customers is the most rewarding aspect of our ‘Big Bertha’ journey. From all ages and walks of life, people come to experience the freedom, adventure and ease of hiring a campervan whilst having the ability to pull up whenever and wherever they like.

Connecting people to the beautiful surroundings of the East Coast of Australia is at the heart of what we strive to achieve, so you can imagine our delight when NALU founder, TeAni McDonald reached out to Big Bertha Campers looking for a van to take on their very first Campervan adventure. NALU, a Lifestyle & Travel Blog that recently launched on the Gold Coast, share their love for everything beach, summer & travel through articles and video’s. 

We are delighted to share some of NALU’s experiences with you from their recent trip to Lennox Head….

“The road to Lennox was beautiful. Despite the short trip of only 1 hour and 6 minutes, Evasia was mesmerised by the green lands that spread across the hills of Northern NSW. I told her stories of my camping adventures with my parents as a child and how spending this time with her reminded me of my childhood camping memories spent with my parents.

We arrived in Lennox Head and found a beach front car park on Marine Parade to spend the day. Lennox has a very homely Byron Bay vibe. So chilled out, relaxed and the locals are super friendly. If you like the family orientated feel of a town then check out Lennox Head for sure.

Where we parked, there was a camping ground right next to us, a few restaurants and shops all on the same long road including the Lennox Hotel and the local pub. If you love surfing but don’t have your board then you can hire a board for all skill levels at the local Surf Shop. Just $12 per hour or $40 for half a day. Do not walk past the Lennox Gelato shop without buying the best gelato you will ever try. The flavours are divine and so smooth. The only thing you’ll regret is not trying them all!

The next morning I opened the back door just in time to witness the one thing I have always wanted to witness from my van bed. The SUNRISE. It was absolutely magical. Everything from the colours, the smell and the feeling of the breeze. I couldn’t help but get a small bit of video footage to treasure that memory forever.”

Enjoy xx