For decades, Byron has been home to artists, creatives and wandering travelers from around the world. The pristine beaches, boutique shopping and relaxed lifestyle are a big draw card to this seaside destination.

It’s hard to pin point exactly what the charm of Byron Bay is. On entering the town you are greeted with the iconic sign ‘Welcome to Byron Bay…Cheer up, slow down, chill out’, and a short walk around the town is all you need to discover that the people in Byron well and truly live by this motto.

Discovering Byron – Shops such as ‘Spell and the Gypsy’ and ‘Unplugged’ were all founded in Byron and represent an unmatched level of quality and design. The street corners host an array of talented musicians, showcasing their skills to keen onlookers.

Need your fix of live music, cold beer, cocktails and people watching?  Head on over to ‘The Beach Hotel’ or more fondly known as ‘The Beachie’.  Stationed directly opposite the beach this venues offers stunning views of Julian Rocks and the big blue ocean!

If you are a morning person why not take a walk up to the lighthouse, where you can stand at the Eastern most tip of Australia and take in the breathtaking views. If you are visiting from June to October you also have the chance to spot whales and dolphins as they migrate up and down the coast, with local tour guides offer morning sea kayaking if you’re feeling extra adventourous!

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